Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hate Terry Wogan

I’ve never met Terry and he seems like a nice guy; I’ve even listened to his radio programme some mornings. (Did I just admit that?) Nevertheless, I hold him personably responsible for a practical joke that was played on me. This prank involved Children in Need, both of our Vice Principals, a couple of classroom assistants and a Pudsey Bear costume. I’ll not go into the embarrassing details but it’s enough to say that I was well and truly caught by the proverbial hook, line and sinker!

Now, being a bit of a practical joker myself, I adhere to the Prankster’s Code (the PC) that there must be swift and appropriate retribution. However, the aforementioned members of staff have been the victims of some of my previous japes so I felt that, in all fairness, they should be given a by-ball for their antics. But according to the PC somebody must suffer. How do you get your own back on a stuffed bear called Pudsey? Children in Need, being a very worthy charity, is sacrosanct. That leaves Mr Wogan, as the face of Children in Need! Watch your back, Terry!!


Chemical said...

More, More, MORE!!!

The blogging public have a right to know the details of what happened. I'm watching this space ... and don't take so long to post next time ;-)

Pluto said...

The world is not ready for my indiscretions. Anyway, I don't want my blog flagged as having inappropriate material.