Monday, December 10, 2007

Merry Christmas

Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY love Christmas. In fact, one year my daughter said to me, “Dad, I must be the only girl in my class who has to tell her father to settle down on Christmas Eve!”

However, there are certain things I don’t like about Christmas: Christmas cards, for one thing. I don’t see the point of sending Christmas cards to wish people a Merry Christmas when I’m going to wish them it personally. Mrs Pluto has an obsession about cards. She even carries a few spares in her handbag in case (horror of horrors) she is given a card from someone she doesn’t have on her list.

And then there is the problem of what do you do with all the cards until they can go into the recycling bin after Christmas?

If it were up to me (unfortunately, it’s not) I would only send cards to people I wont see at Christmas.

So, to all my friends – Merry Christmas

My wife will probably send you a card anyway.


Ali said...

I await the arrival of my card with anticipation. Please make sure theres a nice big fat cheque inside :-)

Dana said...

I like cards if there is something, like a picture, tucked inside. Especially, as you said, from those you never see.

Perhaps your wife feels it is her way of spreading the cheer and the love of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you as well Mr. Pluto! And please tell your (I am sure) lovely wife Merry Christmas from Houston!

Pluto said...

And the same to you, Dana.

nejyerf said...

i love cards too. especially the sending of them.

had i known your wife liked cards, i would have sent her one from New Jersey.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Cosmo said...

Happy Christmas, Pluto!

I hope that you and those you love will have a wonderful day!

Pluto said...

... and the same to you, nejyerf :)

Pluto said...

... and thanks to you, Cosmo :)

Dana said...

Pluto? Where are you? We miss our Pluto ramblings!!!

Pluto said...

Decided to give the blogging public respite from my ramblings over the holidays. However, be afraid! Be very afraid!! I'll be back.

Dana said...


Woo Hoo! Can't wait!