Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well done Northern Ireland Railways

I had to travel into town without my car this morning so I thought I would accompany my daughter. She drives to the railway station, parks her car and commutes to Belfast by train.

Now, I haven't been on a local train for some time so I was pleasantly surprised at the comfortable, road-rage-free trip. The carriages were modern, clean and warm. I would travel this way in future if my work was convenient to a station. My only gripe - there's always one! - is that the recorded announcements were made by an English lady. What's wrong with having a Norn Iron voice?

The worst part of the trip was the five-minute drive to the station. It brought back my traumatic experiences of teaching Miss Pluto to drive!


Ali said...

I am only just sufficiently recovered from the thought of your Bart Simpson PJs to be able to comment.

And now I can't see the post about the PJs :-s

Am I having nightmares now as well - I need a break!

Dana said...

How funny because every time we go to the ATM I get all tickled because of her lovely accent.

What is the difference between Northern and Southern Irish accents? I know, I probably just caused you to laugh out loud...excuse my interminable ignorance...


Pluto said...

As I have blogged previously, Northern Ireland is the only country in the world which doesn't have an accent;) The Southern Irish accent is the one you hear (vey badly done) in Hollywood films! eg "Tap o' the morn' ta ye" and "Begorrah" I have never heard anyone actually use these expressions. For further reference watch "The Quiet Man"
Hope this is useful

Dana said...

Oh I feel silly, I can't believe I forgot such an important detail Pluto!

I will consider it homework.