Monday, January 12, 2009

A man's best friend.

If you have read my post Pluto: The Next Generation, you will know that we had a new addition to the family. Well, we have had another new member to the Pluto family - a Samoyed pup. My twenty-something year old daughter organised a subtle campaign to get the pup. She started showing us pictures of lovely pups and had perfected that "puppy look" in her eyes when she was showing them. She showed us websites etc etc and started talking about what we would do when we got a dog. I was the first to cave in. Mrs Pluto took a bit longer. My son was dead against having a canine in the house but his girlfriend said that he kept referring to it as "our dog" so he has given in as well.

I knew that having a dog in the house would require some life-style changes but I never thought that a wee, white ball of fur would have such an effect. I just changed my car and had to take into account that I needed one that was dog-friendly.

We are working very hard now at training Sasha but I never realised there would be so much pooh and pee. At least I am getting some well-needed exercise through puppy walking!


Ali said...

Cute, very cute indeed.

Pluto said...

Ali, do you mean me or the dog??