Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't come too close. You might catch something!

I haven't blogged for a while because I have been down with the flu - not man flu nor the porky type, but the real one. If I hear another joke about swine flu I'll will kill someone!

The weekend before last we went over to England for our granddaughter's christening and I spent most of the time in bed in the hotel. In spite of that, the day was great and Sophia was a wee princess.

I rallied enough to go into school to post off my classes' exam coursework and then took a nose dive. I went to the doctor who confirmed that I had flu. I phoned my wife at her school to tell her the news but her friends were very annoyed that I didn't have swine flu so that the school could be closed because of quarantine! Even Mrs Pluto received the news in a manner which suggested that I had let her down!!

Anyway, the doctor said that I should rest for the remainder of the week. He said that I would be sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee, watching TV and feeling guilty but I needed the rest. Happy days. I took his advice.


Phiasmir said...

Hmm, did you hear, after the wolf attacks on the swine-flu infected regions of Mexico, all that are left standing are brick houses....

Just don't hit the face! :P

Ali said...

I'm wondering what's so different in that to a 'normal' days activity for you?

PS I am carrying your present from Texas round in my handbag for a while. My handbag doubles as ryanair hand luggage, yes its thst big, so if I ever find your present I'll send it to you

Pluto said...

Phiasmir: That was a really awful joke! I liked it :-)

Ali: Come over anytime and bring my prezzie along with the cream buns.

Ali said...

Pluto, you've been away a long time. was it swine flu and have you departed to the great Dennys factory in the sky?

Pluto said...

Ali, you should know it's hard to keep a good pig down.