Sunday, September 24, 2006

One small step for mankind, one huge leap in the dark for me!

I have always considered blogs to be random ramblings from self-opinionated bores. That is until I had to post a comment on a friend’s blog as a rebuttal to some of her comments about me. These comments were not in the least offensive but I just wanted to put across my side of the story. To be honest, I was quite flattered that she had taken the time to write about me in her blog. However, I suddenly realised the power of The Blog.

I remembered the episode of Father Ted in which Ted was given the Golden Cleric Award and used his acceptance speech as an opportunity to name and shame anyone who had annoyed him. The Blog would give me such an opportunity. It would also give me a window where I could share my thoughts on anything and everything to the world; a chance to get a lot of things off my chest. I could even …. Wait a minute! I have become a self-opinionated bore!!

1 comment:

Chemical said...


I am liking this site already - it promises much ;-)

For what it's worth, I think you would make an excellent Father Ted; something to think about if the teaching doesn't work out for you.


PS if you are a friend of Pluto, does that make you Goofy??