Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter in Malta

We had a fairly enjoyable Easter in Malta. We have been before and had a lovely holiday; the island is full of history and the people are lovely. We decided to go back for some sun and relaxation. We really should have done our homework! Actually, we did look up the apartment complex on Trip Advisor and thought it looked great. It was only after we had booked everything we discovered that we had looked at the wrong photographs and we were going to somewhere less salubrious!

The apartments weren’t too bad and we thought when we arrived that we could easily put up with them for a week. However, what we didn’t realise was that we were staying in the liveliest spot on the island. The noise was so bad that we could not get to sleep until 4am! After the second night we had bought earplugs and non-prescription sleeping tablets. If you want a quiet, relaxing time in Malta, stay away from the Bay Street area.

In spite of all we did come back relaxed but I’m not sure if that was the few days in the sun or the sleeping tablets!

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Chemical said...


I always knew you were a closet raver ;-) HOW ON EARTH coud you have looked at the pictures for the wrong hotel ...???

It's true what they say ... you are what you teach ;-)