Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Instant BBQs

I am assured by a reliable source that this is a true story.

A man went to the Customer Services counter in Tescos and asked if he could return one of their instant barbecues. The girl examined the box and found that everything was intact except for one corner of the lid which had been lifted up.

“What is the problem, sir?” the assistant asked.

The man replied, “This box has no sausages and bacon like on the picture.”

The girl managed to stifle her giggles and reached into the cash register to hand the man his money back, probably thinking, “Wait till I tell everybody this one at tea break!”

The man thanked her and asked, “Can I have my money back on the other two instant barbecues?”

“Certainly sir. Do you have them with you?”

“No, they’re still at home in the freezer.”

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Chemical said...

Talking of BBQs ... I've a fish going spare if anyone on a diet's interested ;-)