Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to porridge

We started back to school this week, or should I say, started back to our new school. We moved into a brand new building on a different site and everyone, both staff and pupils, is still trying to get used to it.

We have a new intake of pupils and we are used to getting one or two eccentrics. However, one new boy took eccentricity to a new level when he removed his shoe and sock to lick his toes because they were sweaty! Far from being appalled at this odd behaviour, some of the female staff were envious that he was flexible enough to do this (we have a lot of female staff of a “certain age”). Personally, I am not impressed because I often put my foot in my mouth.


Chemical said...

Week 2: hope your seats arrived!

Pluto said...

The new furniture for my room has still not arrived so we had to salvage the seats and desks from the old school. We are still looking for cane furniture for the conservatory - sorry, I mean the greenhouse!