Friday, August 31, 2007

Я люблю Вас

During July I spent a very enjoyable two weeks in Ukraine with a work team from my church. We had the opportunity to do some building work and assist the local church in a number of ways. I helped with the English language classes and I am proud that a generation of Ukrainians have started to speak English with a “Norn Iron” (ie “Northern Ireland” for the uncultured) accent.

A Ukrainian lady called Larissa cooked for us and we wanted to thank her at the end of the 2 weeks by giving her a small gift. As we were leaving, I gave her the present and said in my bad Russian: “This is for you.” She suddenly looked shocked and replied: “You love me??” I guess my Russian is worse than I thought.

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Chemical said...

собака pluto старая!

Хорошо увидеть вас назад в мире blogging.

We used to have children from Belarus stay with us for the summer months some years ago. My Russian must be of a comparable standard to yours, although none of the children ever thought I wanted to marry them ...

However, I became proficient at playing 'I Spy' in Russian, so long as the objects were sheep, cows, red cars, blue cars, yellow cars, flags and tractors! And strawberries, but it was difficult to spot a strawberry from a car travelling at 60mph.

доброй ночи и хорошее везение