Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wanted: a good read

Recently we were at our local health centre to get our vaccinations for our forthcoming trip abroad and I was struck by the lack of suitable reading material; material for men, that is. There was OK, Hello, Bride Monthly and so on, but nothing for men. I would even have perused Ulster Tattler to see how many people I knew in the photographs. It’s the same in dentists’ waiting rooms and hospitals. Is there some NHS directive which states that only women’s magazines should be provided?

Anyhow, I read all the posters on the walls and now I am an expert in head lice, symptoms of meningitis, the need for oral hygiene and breast-feeding, although I don’t think the last one will ever be useful! My threshold of boredom is very low and I had to do something to prevent meltdown. There was nothing else for it: I started to talk to my wife.

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