Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Would you like cheese with your w(h)ine?

We are a nation of whingers. (This is my blog so I am allowed to whinge.) What is the main topic of complaint? Global warming, worldwide poverty, famine in Africa? No, the weather!

We have had over a week of hot, sunny, rainless days which is very unusual in Northern Ireland where the only difference between summer and winter is that the rain is warmer in summer! People have been complaining about the heat. All that can be heard is, “Heat’s wild” (Translation: It is uncomfortably warm.) This is usually followed by, “I’m leakin’ big draps.” (Translation: I am perspiring profusely.)

We are not used to the heat. My pupils are still wearing their sweaters and then wonder why they are hot and tired.

Well, today it is cloudy and the rain has returned. No doubt the change in the weather will now be a cause for complaint.

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Chemical said...

What a week for the weather! All extremes. Tuesday horrendous, yesterday better, but today:

skettinwurse (the weather shows no sign of improving) In fact steeminagayon
(it has turned showery)