Friday, April 11, 2008

Smoke gets in your eyes (again)

We (ie, myself and some other male members of staff) had a BBQ at lunchtime today. There's nothing wrong with that, you may think. However, it's a bit early in the year for BBQs and in Ireland we can usually only have them on about 3 days a year. Also it was raining. But the thing that makes this one different is that we had it in the conservatory, sorry greenhouse! I did check that there were no smoke detectors nearby (see my previous post)

The thing that worries me is, not the reaction that will come from the jealous female members of staff, but the reaction that comes from eating undercooked pork sausages! We only have three quarters of an hour for lunch and we had to rush some things.


Ali said...

Yes indeed, how you manage to do all that and blog in your lunch 3/4hour is a mystery to me!

Plenty of subbing next week then, when I get the call, I'll not let on I know how it happened all the male staff are sick :-)

Ali said...

Well, you must not have done too bad on the old BBQ, as I've not had the call yet ..

Pluto said...

I'm delighted to report that all male members of staff reported fit and well (these terms are relative!) for duty. The BBQ was a resounding success.