Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Join me

About 5 years ago Danny Wallace put an advert in a local newspaper which simply said 'Join Me'. He asked anyone who wanted to join him to send a passport photo and that was it! Danny didn't expect to anyone to reply, especially since the advert said nothing about what or why they were joining or even what 'joining' really meant. Amazingly, in few weeks 4000 people sent him photos and became 'joinees.' After a while the joinees were emailing their new 'leader' to ask what they had joined; what did their group do? Danny didn't know, he'd just done it for a bit of a laugh. Then he had an idea, tell them to live generously. Every Friday everyone had to perform a random act of kindness towards a stranger. Shopping was being carried, cuppas being paid for, flowers were taken to old people's homes, and cakes were left on doorsteps.

Read more about this amazing project:


Chemical said...

As you said over in Chemical-Land: fools seldom differ :-)

I'm looking forward to the random act of kindness you have waiting for me when I turn up to teach your timetable this week.

Mind you, after what you did to me last time, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't hold my breath!

Pluto said...

I am the epitome of kindness (or should be "pit") and I can't imagine what I said that would cause so much resentment to build up in you;) It's time to put it behind you and move on.