Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Honour thy father

The other night I put the bin out for collection and it was raining; what’s new? However, it was a very fine drizzle and made a lovely orange haze around the streetlights. It also had the effect of dampening (no pun intended) sounds giving the evening a peaceful feeling.

I went back into the house and told my wife and daughter how peaceful it was outside. I said that I was even tempted to stand outside in the rain with an umbrella just to experience the calmness.

My daughter’s comment was, “Mum, he’s my dad and I had no choice, but you MARRIED him!”


Ali said...

they have no idea what its like to teach, do they.

Cosmo said...

Next time there is a downpour go back outside again, but this time leave the umbrella and take the wife. Then have a good old fashioned kiss in the rain.

That will give your daughter something to comment about!

Pluto said...

Cosmo, any time I show affection to my wife my daughter's comment is, "Other people have to live in this house, you know!"

Ali said...

you're tagged again, please see my blog for details ... and try to actually do it this time ;-)

Pluto said...

Aw no!