Monday, September 22, 2008


Ali has tagged me (again!) To get her off my back I have to give 8 random facts about myself. So here goes in no particular order:

1. My earliest memory consists of having my head stuck in my toy lorry. I wanted to see what was inside; that seems quite reasonable.

2. I used to work in Harland & Wolff, where the Titanic was built; no, I did not work there when the ill-fated ship was actually being built! Also, the Titanic was alright when it left Belfast so it's not our fault it sank.

3. My favourite desert is apple crumble and custard, with banoffee pie coming a close second.

4. I worked in Nigeria with a missionary society and taught in a church school. While there, we were buying some souvenirs from a Hausa trader and I jokingly asked him how much he would give me for my wife (as you do!) He offered some serious money and I was giving it serious consideration until Mrs Pluto pulled me away.

5. I was arrested in Russia during the summer.

6. My first job as a newly qualified teacher was in the school I attended as a pupil. It was strange, at first, going into the staffroom and calling my former teachers by their first name. I had the grace to forgive those who had caned me as a pupil.

7. At the end of a family holiday in Sardinia I discovered that I had lost my passport just as we were setting off to the airport. However, EasyJet let me on to the plane with my driving licence as proof of identity. To be honest, I was hoping for a few extra days on the island on my own while the British Consulate issued me a new passport.

8. During a trip to Ukraine I accidentally told a lady I loved her! I think my wife saw the funny side of it.

(Now stop nagging me, Ali!)


Ali said...

some comments:

3. which country exactly is the apple crumble desert in? and does custard run through the oasis instead of the usual water?

6. what, you mean you're qualified???

7. they let you DRIVE too?????

Anonymous said...

Pluto I feel that I have to share with you that I think you are an amazing, talented person(and I am a very good judge of character)

Pluto said...

Anonymous, I agree that you are a very good judge of character:)

Dana said...

I am assuming a toy lorry is like a toy box? Apple crumble is delicious...

Pluto said...

You would probably say "toy truck"

Dana said...

Oh! Of course...I knew that actually. But, I was picturing something large enough to get a child's head stuck in...a truck? Really? Wow. That's talent.

Pluto said...

Dana, I refer you to Anonymous's comments above:)