Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stand and deliver!

Mrs Pluto and I have planned a weekend trip to London (no, I did not use the word "romantic"). As I blogged before, my daughter got a fantastic deal from Ryanair so we looked up the website to see what was on offer. The flights were reasonably cheap so I started to complete the online booking form. This was when the cost started to go up.

I found that it cost £24 to check in one piece of luggage, including the privilege of having a member of staff stick on one of those annoying destination labels at the check-in desk. Mrs Pluto was informed that she would just have to pack her hairdryer in a rucksack along with all her balms and lotions (in plastic containers no larger than 100ml). I also discovered that those sneaky Ryanair people had ticked the box to buy their travel insurance; this was unticked.
What really annoyed me, however, was the charge for using a credit card. Now I know that it costs to process payments by credit card but surely not £4 per person per flight? This put the cost up by another £16. Only one payment had to be processed therefore, in my simplistic view, only £4 should be charged.

Dick Turpin is alive and well and works for Ryanair

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