Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ruby Thursday is now weekly!

Two other male teachers and I are very interested in food and we try to have something different for lunch occasionally eg, barbecues, Ulster fries (aka Death on a Plate!) and various kinds of sandwiches. One of the more successful gastronomic adventures has been Ruby Thursday. For my international readers, a ruby (short for Ruby Murray) is Cockney rhyming slang for a curry, although I'm not sure why because Ruby Murray was a singer from Belfast.

We take it in turns to bring in supermarket ready meals and the curries are a big success. We normally buy an Indian Meal for Two from Tescos or ASDA; this is adequate for the three of us - we have to watch our waistlines! What has been an occasional Indian curry is now every Thursday. It's worth coming into school for!

Our problem is that we're not sure if the Indian from ASDA or Tescos is better but we intend to carry out extensive research to find the answer!!

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Ali said...

I'll make sure our blog-meet happens on a Thursday lunchtime then!