Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Big Apple

I thought it would be nice to take my wife on a short break at Easter, so I spent some time surfing the net (always a dangerous thing) and came up with the idea of a trip to New York. Of, course Mrs Pluto warmed to the idea. I know that the pound is not great against the dollar at present but I am making a huge investment in brownie points.

My son went to NY last year and has raved about it ever since. Before I booked the trip we discussed what we could do and my son went on at great length describing the city. My daughter obviously was getting a bit fed up with his presentation which seemed to be written by the NY Tourist Board and sent me a text message from her bedroom which was directly above the room we were in: "Please book the trip to shut him up!"

So, next week we are flying directly from Belfast to Newark with Continental Airlines. I have ranted at some length about Ryan Air so it was pleasantly surprising to discover Continental's baggage allowance. It was so generous that I contacted the airline to check that I had correctly read their website. I spoke to a lovely American lady who assured me that we were allowed 2 bags each up to 23kg per bag, a carry-on bag up to 18kg (Continental's carry-on allowance is more than Ryan Air's check-in allowance), and a personal item such as a laptop. (Wait a minute! I talked to an American lady? I thought I was phoning someone in London!) My aim now is to convince my wife that the baggage allowance is a maximum weight and not a target.


Judith said...

Hi - Thanks for visiting me over on my blog and 'yes' Im still in recovery mode!! LOL Have a wonderful break in NY. Judith

Ali said...

Pluto be warned, I have flown Continental twice in the past fortnight and I have to tell you, the average age of the air hostesses is about 58. Take your defibrillator - some of them might not survive the flight!

Pluto said...