Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Up, up and away.

The trip to New York was a tremendous success and I earned lots of extra brownie points. However, a major problem developed the day before we left. I was checking the e-tickets and discovered that my wife and I were not sitting beside eachother. I tried unsuccessfully to change the seats with the travel agent but the nice staff at the check-in sorted things out. (Many thanks to those lovely people at Belfast International Airport)

When we boarded the plane we discovered we sitting beside the emergency exit over the wing which meant we had extra leg room. Happy days. Then I read the safety instructions on the card in the seat pocket. Apparently in the event of an emergency landing I had to remove the emergency door, shout "Release seatbelts. Come this way!" ensure that the emergency chute had deployed and help passengers escape. I only wanted to change my seat, not join Continental Airlines cabin crew!

I felt that, with such a responsibility, I should have a dry run to see if I were up to the job and to ensure that the evacuation procedures worked. My wife thought differently; she had her way.


Ali said...

well, as i said on this blog before, the average age of the air staff on Continental flights was about 58, so you would have fitted right in


Gary said...

Yeah, we found that too - we weren't going to be sitting together, so they re-jigged things at the airport and we were separated by an aisle on the way there, but sat together on the way back in the very front row at the emergency exit. We were practically part of the cabin crew as we were beside the kitchen and didn't really get to sleep as they banged about in there... But it did give us extra leg room (not that I really needed any!)