Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.

Today is my birthday and, being a generous type of person, I thought I would celebrate it by buying cream buns for some of my colleagues. When I complained that none of them had wished me a Happy Birthday, I was set upon and given the bumps. For a person of my advancing age this was very undignified. To add insult to injury they told the pupils it was my birthday. As a result kids have been coming up to me all day, not to wish me Happy Birthday, but to try and guess my age.

Sometimes it is better to say nothing.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! So retirement is very near now that you are 65!!!

Have a good day and let your hair down - while you are still able to.

Nancy Mon said...

Happy Birthday Pluto! Let me see, I guess you are 29. :)

Ali said...

Poor you having to work , I'm off for Easter.

Had I known I would have dropped over with your present from Houston. I'll call next term and then I can collect mine from New York at the same time :-)

I like Tiffanys

Pluto said...

I'm beginning to like you more and more, Nancy :)

Ali said...

Nancy is numerically dyslexic


Cosmo said...

A bit belated, but happy birthday anyway!!