Saturday, October 20, 2007


I just heard a couple of ads for Christmas on TV. I love Christmas but is it my imagination or is the build up to Christmas getting earlier each year?


Ali said...

This time two years ago we went over to Gloucester for a (rugby) weekend. We had a bit of time to go to shop in Cheltenham, and the shops were full of christmas stuff - I think the Christmas lights might even have been up.

Anyway, my kids just stood in amazement and eventually major tugs on my sleeve and asks

'Mummy, do they not have Halloween in this country'

Dana said...

It is the same here in Houston. I think the presence of warm weather makes it seem all the more absurd.

I truly love Christmas, it is a very meaningful time of the year. But I promise, by the time the actual day rolls around I am already quite tired of the event.

Pluto said...

I really will lose it if I hear Christmas carols in the shops anytime soon!

nejyerf said...

you lose your christmas cheer pretty quickly working in a retail environment where on one shelf is the halloween stuff and on the side you are putting together the rack for the christmas cards.

we also live in a state of dread waiting for the day that the music must switch over to christmas carols all. day. long.

jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.......