Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let there be (no) light!

I have finally gotten the lights in my classroom sorted. This is something I know has been of great interest to those of you who read my blogs on a regular basis. It turned out that they were wired wrongly (why didn't I think of that?) Now I can turn them off so that I can show the kids a DVD, play soothing music and bore them to sleep .............zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Dana said...

Couple of things...
I am now reading your blog with a Northern Ireland accent, that you claim does not exist. It's quite lovely, embrace it!

BlogS? Would love to read the other(s).

Surely you jest when you say they call you "sir". (earlier post) You are definitely NOT in America (that is a sad comment!)

Pluto said...

OK, blog (singular)! Who knows, maybe in the future I'll blog under a number of aliases;)
Kids in Northern Ireland still call us "sir" (male teachers anyway) although I have been called "miss" and "daddy" which I take as a compliment (ie being called "daddy", not "miss"!)

Ali said...

Oh, I don't know. I think 'miss' quite suits you