Friday, October 26, 2007

Well-meaning friends

From time to time well-meaning friends forward me emails they have received warning them of all sorts of dire consequences that will happen to their computers if they get a new virus which is doing the rounds. They have been strongly advised to forward the email to everyone in their contacts address book which is why I end up with it. Whenever I receive anything that tells me to pass this on to all my friends I do an internet search and it has always been a hoax. I usually reply to the “friends” and let them know the truth.

Another nuisance email I sometimes get, like the one that arrived this week and prompted this rant, warns me of a scam which runs up a massive phone bill if I call a particular number. This also turned out to be a hoax. Mind you, an article appeared in my local community newspaper giving credence to the scam. And here’s me thinking that everything printed in the press was true!!

I would just like to say to all my concerned, well-meaning friends: Do a google search before you forward me any warnings! You’re wasting my time!!


nejyerf said...

i hate those emails, almost as much as the ones that tell you if you don't forward this email immediately something horrible will happen to you.

i delete them all.

i think the 3 second rule is extended when you are in a car. this gives you time to undo the seat belt and move the seat back to you can reach the floor. at least that is what i told myself!

Dana said...

I HATE chain emails, spam emails, and all the rest. My sister is the worst offender. She (who claims to be a Christian) is most infamous for sending the ones that say, send this to 27 people and see what God will bless you with in 27 minutes if you fail to do so you are ashamed of God and He is ashamed of you...blah, blah, blah. Argh. I have asked her to I hope it works for you.

I promise, to never send you any!!

Ali said...

O good grief, Dana thinks we're married

Pluto said...