Friday, November 02, 2007

Satnav: an exciting alternative

My wife and I decided to have a few days away for half-term and we planned a nice, relaxing break in Dun Laoghaire (for my international readers, this is on the southern outskirts of Dublin and is pronounced Dun Leery).

With the address of our hotel typed into my trusty satnav we headed South. As we neared Dublin, I was surprised that the posh English lady who gives us directions from my satnav didn't use the M50 Dublin by-pass but seemed to be guiding us through the centre of Dublin. I was even more surprised when we hit the Dublin marathon! Posh English Lady kept telling me to turn into streets but the Garda kept saying "Not this way, mate." She would not listen to my pleas - just like a woman - but tried to get me to join the marathon route. We eventually got out of Dublin and arrived at our hotel without further ado.

On the way home, Mrs Pluto decided she wanted to go to the large shopping centre at Dundrum where she invested a considerable amount of euros in the Irish economy. Once again I naively thought that Posh English Lady would get us on to the M50, which was quite near, but she must have this thing about the centre of Dublin, this time she took us through it in the middle of the rush hour!


Ali said...

Ooohhh I love that Dundrum! Home to the only Bear Factory retail outlet in Ireland and soooooo much more exciting that the one we have near Newcastle ;-)

The sat-nav thing down south is a bit of a conspiracy I think. When we were down at Easter time, my sister in law and I went to collect the 'boys' from a golf course in Wicklow and ended up in someone's driveway in Dalky.

Dana said...

Glad you gave the phonetics for Dun Laoghaire...I was saying Dun Log hair. Dun Leery is much more appealing.


So, you have a Satnav with an English accent and I have ATM's with English accents...hmm.

Gotta love those accents!

Garda - is that policemen or security?

Pluto said...

Dana, can't comment on the accents - as I said before, we don't have an accent in N. Ireland :)

Garda = Irish police

Dana said...

Ah yes, I remember...But doesn't everyone else? :)