Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some things never change

I just got a text message to deal with an urgent situation at home. My daughter is off work today and my son is having a sickie. He is feeling the cold and wants the heating on in the house and she is too warm and wants it off!


Dana said...

Hmm, thought I was the only one who got phone calls like that.

And how did the ever so wise Pluto handle it?

Pluto said...

Dana, I spent a considerable amount of time in pondering the issue (well, for about 10 seconds anyway), decided it was a matter of economics and give a ruling in favour of my daughter. Matter sorted.

Ali said...

False economy my friend.

Tomorrow, your son, who was on a sickie today, will be really sick and have to take more time off. This will mean the heating will have to be on for him whilst he is home suffering, and if its man-flu, that could be WEEKS.

And weeks