Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Way too soon!

Last night I spotted two houses with christmas decorations up.


Dana said...

Hear! Hear!

By law you have to wait until after Thanksgiving. And if the law doesn't actually state that, then it should.

Pluto said...

I think there should be no christmas activity until 1st Dec. By the time the Big Day comes I have had enough tinsel and christmas tunes. My festive spirit has long since evaporated.

Ali said...

You have only seen two??? Some kids I'm teaching are ready to swap Christmas gifts already.

As for running out of festive spirit Pluts, buy two bottles this year, ya mingey Scrooge ;-p

Sharp said...

There is a string of houses I pass on the way to work that always has elaborate decorations (life size sleigh and reindeer, etc.) Theirs are up already. I understand it takes them a few weekends to assemble all that but it's just too early!

This is especially egregious in the States because, to me, it discounts Thanksgiving altogether. Instead of a day of thanks, it's just a speedbump on the way to Santa's Big Day, a trial run for the main event.