Friday, October 19, 2007

Miss November

After reading my friend Ali’s blog I was reminded that we decided last year to make a Science Department Pin Up Calendar of our classroom assistants. (Not one of THOSE calendars, Ali) It began because one of the girls was a bit down and we decided to cheer her up. So she became Miss November. We did it for a laugh – nothing tasteless or smutty.

Anyway, we lost interest after November and let the whole thing drop. There were a lot of complaints from the other assistants, not because of the male chauvinist thing, but because they had not been asked to go on the calendar. You can’t win.


Ali said...

I've seen what you do to peoples photographs, their official documents even. There's no way I'd volunteer for any calendar you had control over.

Blogger Beware

Pluto said...

That's what you say but I know that deep down you're a bit miffed that you weren't offered a month on the Science Dept Calendar ;)

Ali said...

You could do better enhancement than Victoria Beckhams plastic surgeon and I'd still say no!